jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


I think Transantiago system was since the beggining a good project, but the brilliant minds that created it never thought about how it works in our city. They didn't think about the problems in the streets, in what really need the people for a nice and fast service.
It's true that in the pre- transantiago system not all the things were work in the best conditions, we know all the advantages, like faster travels and disadvantages of it, like the buses in bad conditions or the steals. In these terms, the pre-system didn't work as the best way and had different problems, so the authorities decided change the system for other completely different.
The bad way of this it's how they installed something without a basic requirements. It's impossible that a system like this works with little streets (for the size the machines) or changing the money for a target or i don't know...
The thing is neither of them it's the ideal system of transportation because we know that they don't working in Santiago and get one better means a lot of money that we don't have. Ideally, the system should keep so many buses in all the areas and good conditions for their workers like cabins for take a rest, special places for lunch and go to the bathroom. Also, it's important think about in a gps, that it's very expensive but it's useful for keep a control for the company and for their users about where are the buses and program a perfect travel without waste the time.
Finally, I want to agree something about my own experience related to transantiago system. Only sometimes I get a bus or the subway, but in general I think that it's unpleasant and slow, it's very discusting take a bus on the summer with so many people in there, but i just prefer to get used to doing and hope that in the time the system can be better.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Animal Rights in Chile

In Chile, the animal rights aren't a topic of discussion for the important people that is envolved in the politic and social aspects that are considered more relevant for the society in general. Tipically, we hear about another kind of discussions between members of the parlament like the health or the education, well...definitely topics that are more polemics but, what about the animal rights? We can hear something related to the animal rights only when a cruel case of animal maltrate it's on tv. The problem in that it's what happens with other cases that keep on four walls? I think that there's no reason to approve this way to keep the animal rights consigned to oblivion, but what can we do for change this situation if all the laws are in hands of a small number of people?
Well, I think that it's a very difficult topic because in Chile, we accostumed to care animals for earn money, experiment or eat, I mean that their are only for our supervivence (in general, not in all the cases) and don't interested so much. Always we can see notices on tv related to this but only we say "Oh! What a shame!", but I think that this are not enough. We can be more critics and review all the bad actions as society and do something for that.
It's neccesary to change a little bit the priorities and do something for the ethical treatment of the animals, with other institutions that helps to keep a control on the behavior of the humans with their animals and start to considered the animals as equals and care for the good treatment as an act of conscience and not only for a law that at this moment it's not really respect.