jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Challengues of my discipline

My career have so many challengues. Theory and history of arts it's a very interesting discipline, but in our country it's very strange and difficult decide study it because it's not very appreciate. So, we have to open areas of work and develop it for open us to the market, according the requirements and depending, in a way, of the practical area and develop of the art at this moment.
Education related we have a big problem, because i think that in our context we have to promote the interest for the arts without make a distinction between all kind of artistic production (visual arts, theatre, music, etc.) and managed to find a succesful and cheap method to near the art to the masses. In that sense, we have a hard work for the future because doesn't depends only us, it's important how the people receive this oportunities, but i think that's could be great if work for finish with the common critic to the people who comes from the more poor social classes who think the art it's something exclusive.
In terms of technology, the reproductions and all can be register have a fast spreading on the net and are basic nowadays because it brings the oportunity and support new techniques for the develop of new kinds of artistic production like the net-art, so in this way, maybe it's important to relate the people with the technology for they use it in benefit of theirselfs and their knowledges.
In general, i think that our problems respect to the discipline are about how it has the oportunity of insert in the system and how it's receive for the people and in consequence, how this people makes a relation to the art with their lifes, without subordinate the arts only to the entertainment and highlight the positive value of their contains. It's important too, support all the projects about investigations for accumulate material for the study of our local theory and history of art, which it's very poor in comparation with other countries and it's valuable for develop this field and give it to know in the rest of the cultures.

jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

My Faculty

In general, i think that my faculty it's really great. It's a nice and big space in wich we have some simple classrooms, a casino, a library and the most important: we can enjoy the beautiful grass and the trees in there.
But i know that it's not perfect. The faculty of arts in this university it's a faculty so poor in many aspects. I think that it's not necessary change things like the classrooms, because they are fine. Maybe it's important invest in new computers for the english laboratory and in this maintenance and do the same with the computers on the library and keep it with new books because for us this is a fundamental tool in our studies. All of this it's refer to structural problems and material for work, but in other terms, i think that it's basic to invest more money in the develop of the capacities and studies of the teachers, in the improve of the courses and the requirements and demands of it, because in so many times the teachers don't make us give 100% of our knowledges or abilities and in this cases i feel that in general, the people get relax.
Another important thing it's about all the administrative matters, because when you need a paper like the regular student or only if you need know about a CFG or something like the people in the secretary never knows nothing!! It's ridiculous in so many cases, because they are usually inefficient.
Whatever, i think that this changes and solves could begin with the organization of the faculty in administrative terms and then, think about improve the other things.

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

What makes me chilean

When i think about what makes me feel chilean, think about an identity which characterizes for renounces to our roots. I don't know if what i'm trying to sayit's clear, but for explain better the idea, i refer to a common social problem about to recognized us as the chilean people that we are.
We can see in everywherethe typical chilean that escape to the tradicional culture to take refuge into a certain of things and customs that are alien to him.
I think that it's not really bad, but only if we used all thsi things in our benefitfor construct and identity with we feel comfortable and proud, without look down our country and their history. For example, when in a conversation the people talks about the lifestyles in the developed countries as European countries and the people says things of negatives about our country and don't look this example as a model for improve and reach this kind of living.
Well, but not all the things are negative and i want to share my own experience about this. I grow up in a family where only for the national holidays remember that we are chilean and really don't enjoy very much this. In my case, this kind of things makes me open the eyes and get consciousness that i'm really happy and proud about be chileanin things like the beauty of the country, the oportunities that it gives me, in the importance so this is for my own history and for that i'm at this moment and how i feel respect to my own position into the world and it's like how our identity as Chilean people it's represented in our behaviour.

jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009


Surrealism was born in France around the 20's and its founder was André Breton.

This avant-garde was influenced by another artistic movement called "Dadaism", taking some techniques related to photography and cinema. Also, the surrealism used new ways to express their feelings and ideas with automatic writings without a logical sense.

The artist who take part of the surrealism work with figures as the collage (as the cubism) and "Cadáver Exquisito", sticking all their differents works and creating one new completely confused.

They had a new vision of the things and their way to representate it was support in topics like the dreams and methafors for the paint and for the literature, they try to found new techniques of composition. In both, the idea was search one truth trough this methods doesn't very rationals.

We usually related to this movement artists like Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, but also Man Ray, Alberto Giacometti, Miró, Masson, etc, who participated in the exposititions.

In cinema, Luis Buñuel and Hitchcock, two recognized directors, work with the surrealism too in movies like "Perro andaluz"and "Spellbound", respectively.

I don't choose this avant-garde only because I considered interesting how they work and how you could read and interpret the final work, but I don't think that this one it's most important than the others, because each one has something different and innovative.

jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009


I think Transantiago system was since the beggining a good project, but the brilliant minds that created it never thought about how it works in our city. They didn't think about the problems in the streets, in what really need the people for a nice and fast service.
It's true that in the pre- transantiago system not all the things were work in the best conditions, we know all the advantages, like faster travels and disadvantages of it, like the buses in bad conditions or the steals. In these terms, the pre-system didn't work as the best way and had different problems, so the authorities decided change the system for other completely different.
The bad way of this it's how they installed something without a basic requirements. It's impossible that a system like this works with little streets (for the size the machines) or changing the money for a target or i don't know...
The thing is neither of them it's the ideal system of transportation because we know that they don't working in Santiago and get one better means a lot of money that we don't have. Ideally, the system should keep so many buses in all the areas and good conditions for their workers like cabins for take a rest, special places for lunch and go to the bathroom. Also, it's important think about in a gps, that it's very expensive but it's useful for keep a control for the company and for their users about where are the buses and program a perfect travel without waste the time.
Finally, I want to agree something about my own experience related to transantiago system. Only sometimes I get a bus or the subway, but in general I think that it's unpleasant and slow, it's very discusting take a bus on the summer with so many people in there, but i just prefer to get used to doing and hope that in the time the system can be better.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

Animal Rights in Chile

In Chile, the animal rights aren't a topic of discussion for the important people that is envolved in the politic and social aspects that are considered more relevant for the society in general. Tipically, we hear about another kind of discussions between members of the parlament like the health or the education, well...definitely topics that are more polemics but, what about the animal rights? We can hear something related to the animal rights only when a cruel case of animal maltrate it's on tv. The problem in that it's what happens with other cases that keep on four walls? I think that there's no reason to approve this way to keep the animal rights consigned to oblivion, but what can we do for change this situation if all the laws are in hands of a small number of people?
Well, I think that it's a very difficult topic because in Chile, we accostumed to care animals for earn money, experiment or eat, I mean that their are only for our supervivence (in general, not in all the cases) and don't interested so much. Always we can see notices on tv related to this but only we say "Oh! What a shame!", but I think that this are not enough. We can be more critics and review all the bad actions as society and do something for that.
It's neccesary to change a little bit the priorities and do something for the ethical treatment of the animals, with other institutions that helps to keep a control on the behavior of the humans with their animals and start to considered the animals as equals and care for the good treatment as an act of conscience and not only for a law that at this moment it's not really respect.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

My blogging experience

This is the last post. So, I must tell you about my blogging experience.
Sincelery, this kind of activity was so boring for me, because I felt obliged to write in each class and do it publicly, and something that i really hate it's that. Also, I think that the experience can be better if the topics are related to things that motivates us or generate more discussion and differents points of view, I don't know...maybe notices or topics of social importance. In my particular case, I felt silly in many times writing topics as "My favorite web site", "My favorite subject" or "My favorite I don't know". Always the topics were related with this kind of things and although I learnt new vocabulary and practiced my english, I think that it could be better.
But, I don’t stay here for make a hard critic about this evaluation. It’s just that I’m making a constructive critic for the teacher is she read this. I guess that we could waste the time with other games, dynamics, other exercises. Well, I don’t know exactly what, but I remember my class in the school and was so entertaining, we used to listen songs and complete it, but songs that we choose or read stories, make crosswords, make interviews in the streets and another games. Well, I think that are so many ways to teach English and it’s really subjective, because if for me this activity wasn’t the best, maybe for my classmates was great.
Finally, I’d like to say that the class in general was so useful for practice our English and communicate and share different opinions. The topics for the conversations were interesting and makes me laugh in many times. I can share something with my new classmates and it was nice.