jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

My Faculty

In general, i think that my faculty it's really great. It's a nice and big space in wich we have some simple classrooms, a casino, a library and the most important: we can enjoy the beautiful grass and the trees in there.
But i know that it's not perfect. The faculty of arts in this university it's a faculty so poor in many aspects. I think that it's not necessary change things like the classrooms, because they are fine. Maybe it's important invest in new computers for the english laboratory and in this maintenance and do the same with the computers on the library and keep it with new books because for us this is a fundamental tool in our studies. All of this it's refer to structural problems and material for work, but in other terms, i think that it's basic to invest more money in the develop of the capacities and studies of the teachers, in the improve of the courses and the requirements and demands of it, because in so many times the teachers don't make us give 100% of our knowledges or abilities and in this cases i feel that in general, the people get relax.
Another important thing it's about all the administrative matters, because when you need a paper like the regular student or only if you need know about a CFG or something like the people in the secretary never knows nothing!! It's ridiculous in so many cases, because they are usually inefficient.
Whatever, i think that this changes and solves could begin with the organization of the faculty in administrative terms and then, think about improve the other things.

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Ignacio C dijo...

I see we have very different points of view

Unacamila dijo...

I love my faculty but the system design sucks. Se you :)

Bea dijo...

I like this faculty in spite all the issues that has.... I think it is really great

Gabriela Paz dijo...


Anónimo dijo...

I think the worst thing you named is that the secretary is so useless when we need something... I really hate that ¬¬