jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Challengues of my discipline

My career have so many challengues. Theory and history of arts it's a very interesting discipline, but in our country it's very strange and difficult decide study it because it's not very appreciate. So, we have to open areas of work and develop it for open us to the market, according the requirements and depending, in a way, of the practical area and develop of the art at this moment.
Education related we have a big problem, because i think that in our context we have to promote the interest for the arts without make a distinction between all kind of artistic production (visual arts, theatre, music, etc.) and managed to find a succesful and cheap method to near the art to the masses. In that sense, we have a hard work for the future because doesn't depends only us, it's important how the people receive this oportunities, but i think that's could be great if work for finish with the common critic to the people who comes from the more poor social classes who think the art it's something exclusive.
In terms of technology, the reproductions and all can be register have a fast spreading on the net and are basic nowadays because it brings the oportunity and support new techniques for the develop of new kinds of artistic production like the net-art, so in this way, maybe it's important to relate the people with the technology for they use it in benefit of theirselfs and their knowledges.
In general, i think that our problems respect to the discipline are about how it has the oportunity of insert in the system and how it's receive for the people and in consequence, how this people makes a relation to the art with their lifes, without subordinate the arts only to the entertainment and highlight the positive value of their contains. It's important too, support all the projects about investigations for accumulate material for the study of our local theory and history of art, which it's very poor in comparation with other countries and it's valuable for develop this field and give it to know in the rest of the cultures.