domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

My best friend

My best friend is Macarena. I met her when i was in 8th grade. We had only thirteeen years old and i remember that i was new in the school and i didn't know anyone, so i started to talk with some girls and make friends and one of this was the best friend of Maca. Then, i talked with her, but in the beginning our relationship wasn't very good.
When we go out of the school, she entered to study art at the university and i took this year for prepare me and think about what i wanted to study. In this time, we knew better and i recognized that she is my best friend. She is always there and never let me alone, it doesn't matter if i was so sad or so happy, she is here for share my feelings. It's a wonderful and intelligent person, she always say the truth and cares about me.
We have similar personalities and another things in common. We share our love for the art and decoration, our dreams and projects and also, our values and principles. All this things are very important for me because i feel that she is like me and this makes that we never fight or discuse for stupid things and really...for anything. We working as a complement one of each other and this is really cool. I don't have enough words to describe our terrific relationship.
The thing that makes us different are, for example, our ways to face the problems and solve it.
We always go for a coffee and talked so much, we love talk a lot in a good ambient, with nice music or walk for a park, watch a movie, etc.

My favorite website

I think that my favorite website is because this page contains many interestings audiovisual works. You can found funny videos, trailers of movies, cartoons and another things. All you can imagine is here and the best of all is that you can be part of this as protagonist, making your own videos and watching and posting in the videos of others users. It's a community where you can comunicate and express all you want and share your files and meet people of all the world.
I guess that this page it's a great invent because at the moment, it's one of the sites more visited of internet and this is the result of one page that was created with the object that we can decide what i want to see and share, if i want to be the actor or actress of my own movie, i can do it. If i want share my favorite music videos or something else, i can do it. No matter how and what do you upload at your account as user of youtube, you can enjoy this benefits and share all that things that like you.
I knew this website about three of four years ago because one of my friends created funny videos with her friends for show it in youtube, and send me the link for watch it and then i look for another things.

martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

My piece of technology

Really, I don't have any favorite piece of technology because I think that I would live without this things perfectly. We just believe that this pieces are necessary for live because we are accustomed to the comfort that they give us. However, one the pieces of technology that i like it's the DVD because everyday I see a movie. I have my own DVD since my aunt give me one for the last christmas. During the first month I didn't use it, but when I found its useful, I used it for avoid TV programs. Now, I usually rent movies or my friends lend me their own, I make a copy and see movies all the time.
I think that my life without DVD would be as the same that now only that I would have to go to the cinema to see all the movies and it would be more expensive. I wouldn't have many ways and objects to entertainment me.