lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

About my career...

At this moment I'm studying History of art and I'm in second year. I really like my career because all my life I dreamed about study something like this. I remember that when I was a child I usually read books about art and enjoyed visit museums, so when I came to the university I was so happy with my decision.
All my subjects are very interesting, but my favourites are American Art and one that is about cinema, specially about fantastic movies. The last one it's entertaining for me because we always see different movies and it's more dynamic than the others subjects, but the most important reason that I like this subject is because I would like to work in something related with this topic and use as tools my knowledge about history and theory of art for apply it in other areas.
I think that my career make professionals that are ready for nearer people to art and this activity it's so beautiful because in the future we can contribute with that as professionals, making investigations, working in an art gallery or in another place, but always we can teach as some way to the society a different vision about art, having as reference all our knowledges about this for create since our perceptions, feelings and experiences a new ways to see the things.

martes, 21 de abril de 2009

An amazing holidays!

Along 9 years ago I went with my family to Molina, a very little and homely place, which is located near Curicó, El Romeral, Rauco and places that are very beautiful.

I remember that I was only 11 years old and it was the first time that I went to camp. I arrived in car after 4 or 5 hours of travel and i was really tired, but the weather was nice in that moment and the amazing nature that i was seeing makes me love the place instantly.

All the spaces were covered with big trees, plants, flowers, rocks and insects and if you walk around, you could find a nice and cold river.

But also I slept on the floor, I swam in the river, I played with my cousins, I catch my first spider in a bottle and I went to "Las 7 tazas", a magic place because they are 7 little waterfalls, how you can see in the picture above.

I would like to return there someday with my family or friends and see more than what I remember.

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

Welcome to my blog!

Hi. I'm Rocío. I'm twenty years old and I'm studying theory of art in the Universidad de Chile. Since 2007 I have been working in an ice-cream parlor in Providencia, where we have to do many delicious things as natural juices, natural ice-creams, milkshakes, cakes...Well, it's a very fun job.
But, also along one month ago i have been living with my boyfriend very near of the university and we are so happy now, although i miss so much to my family and sometimes i want to return to my parent's home.
Well, something more about me is that i really like the music, specially an style that is called trip hop and it's nice and relax for me. Also, I love to watch movies all the time and go out with my friends.
And that's all for now, i hope that you like my blog.