jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

What makes me chilean

When i think about what makes me feel chilean, think about an identity which characterizes for renounces to our roots. I don't know if what i'm trying to sayit's clear, but for explain better the idea, i refer to a common social problem about to recognized us as the chilean people that we are.
We can see in everywherethe typical chilean that escape to the tradicional culture to take refuge into a certain of things and customs that are alien to him.
I think that it's not really bad, but only if we used all thsi things in our benefitfor construct and identity with we feel comfortable and proud, without look down our country and their history. For example, when in a conversation the people talks about the lifestyles in the developed countries as European countries and the people says things of negatives about our country and don't look this example as a model for improve and reach this kind of living.
Well, but not all the things are negative and i want to share my own experience about this. I grow up in a family where only for the national holidays remember that we are chilean and really don't enjoy very much this. In my case, this kind of things makes me open the eyes and get consciousness that i'm really happy and proud about be chileanin things like the beauty of the country, the oportunities that it gives me, in the importance so this is for my own history and for that i'm at this moment and how i feel respect to my own position into the world and it's like how our identity as Chilean people it's represented in our behaviour.

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Gabriela Paz dijo...

I think that for the chilean been chilean means eat a lot on september, drink a lot, and dance cueca, and celebrate when we won on football, is that been chilean?

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Rocío... is very good to have this nice experience...and well, I think the most of us grew celebrating our "culture" only in national holidays.

See you Rocioooo!

*Kei-San* dijo...

Chile is a country of myths and legends, of people of all kinds, chili has a lot to give to the world not only bad things, there is the initiative we only need a little push

Anónimo dijo...
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Anónimo dijo...

I hate empanadas!
but Chile is more than that, is amazing!