lunes, 22 de junio de 2009

My blogging experience

This is the last post. So, I must tell you about my blogging experience.
Sincelery, this kind of activity was so boring for me, because I felt obliged to write in each class and do it publicly, and something that i really hate it's that. Also, I think that the experience can be better if the topics are related to things that motivates us or generate more discussion and differents points of view, I don't know...maybe notices or topics of social importance. In my particular case, I felt silly in many times writing topics as "My favorite web site", "My favorite subject" or "My favorite I don't know". Always the topics were related with this kind of things and although I learnt new vocabulary and practiced my english, I think that it could be better.
But, I don’t stay here for make a hard critic about this evaluation. It’s just that I’m making a constructive critic for the teacher is she read this. I guess that we could waste the time with other games, dynamics, other exercises. Well, I don’t know exactly what, but I remember my class in the school and was so entertaining, we used to listen songs and complete it, but songs that we choose or read stories, make crosswords, make interviews in the streets and another games. Well, I think that are so many ways to teach English and it’s really subjective, because if for me this activity wasn’t the best, maybe for my classmates was great.
Finally, I’d like to say that the class in general was so useful for practice our English and communicate and share different opinions. The topics for the conversations were interesting and makes me laugh in many times. I can share something with my new classmates and it was nice.

4 comentarios:

Bea dijo...

it seems that you don't enjoy posting jejeje

Anónimo dijo...

I agree with you about the topics of the posts, some of them were very boring to do... but I think the important thing is to practice our english,and this blog experience was very useful for that.

vale dijo...

yes...some topics weren't too exciting...but there's always a way to laft, even in english classes

Gabriela Paz dijo...

I think that write about our self is boring, I'm agree with you
about chage the topics...